5 Must Have Firefox Addons

5 Must Have Firefox Addons

Firefox is the best known browser to all of us and we love using it because we can enhance its functionality. Though many users do not fully utilize the power of Firefox by using Firefox Add-on but its a great feature of Firefox to have add-on and make our work as we like. These Mozilla Firefox add-on can server any variety of purposes ranging from automated tasks to saving time and lot more. Looking at the success of Firefox Add-on many browser have add-on Add-on or extensions.

I have put together 5 must have Firefox add-on which I have on my PC always installed.

GreaseMonkey – This is the source to multiple Greasmonkey scripts that allows you to do multiple things from downloading YouTube Videos, DownThemAll, down multiple things and lot more. Serving the purpose of many works together this is must have Firefox Addon. You can also install the User Script codes on to your Firefox.

Ad Block Plus – One of the popular Add-on by which Firefox is famous. Though Ad Block Plus is controversial extension and it’s still serving the purpose of blocking ads. This extension is exclusively explained in ABP – Block Ads on Sites moreover this extension can also be used to block YouTube videos. This extension for Firefox almost block ads from famous advertisers like Google Adsense, Chitika and other CPM Sites ads.

FireBug – One of the must have plugin for Firefox for web designers but its can also be used by normal users to find errors on any web pages, edit HTML and JavaScript live on any web page.

Google Toolbar – This add-on gives the ability to the users to search content on Google using toolbar, access to your mail, auto fill forms and several other options like displaying the page rank, SEO Score and easy social sharing buttons.

Download Statusbar – Download Statusbar is enhanced Firefox Addon which makes your work easier by showing download status-bar on Firefox instead on a different pop-up add-on. This is mostly required for person who frequently downloads lots of stuff on internet and every time the Firefox Download pop-up shows up, so you can stop it.

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