Adsense + Infolinks A perfect Profitable Combination for Blogs

Adsense + Infolinks A perfect Profitable Combination for Blogs

Every webmaster tries to make the most of his blogs by publishing maximum ad network. So how much is too much of Advertising on a blog?

I think using Google Adsense is 100 percent right and profitable but using other networks ads will surely effect Google Adsense CTR and so the income. Its just depends on the publishers on how many Ad networks that he should run on his blog. I have tried many combination with Google Adsense like Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera, Traffic Revenue, Branchr CPC, Admaya and many others but all them effected my Adsense CTR, finally I just came across Infolinks In Text Ad Network which worked fine for my blog and its generating almost half the revenue of Adsense without effecting Adsense CTR.

Its now a month that I am running Infolinks on my blog apart from Adsense and the revenue has gradually increased based on Clicks.

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is a In text Advertising network which usually shows ads through common words on your articles by double-undelined link.

So What have you decided? Go with Infolinks or Google Adsense is the only dependable source to you!

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