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Biography of Dawood Ibrahim

dawood ibrahim

Full Name – Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar / Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar
Birth – December 26, 1955
Birthplace – Ratnagiri Dist. (Maharashtra)
Father – Abraham Ibrahim (Dawood Ibrahim)
Mother – Amina B.

Dawood Ibrahim was born on December 26, 1955 in Ratnagiri district of India, which later became Bombay (Maharashtra). His father Ibrahim was a senior officer of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) and his mother Amina was a housewife. He grew up in the Dongri of Mumbai and was contacted to Mobisar Haji Mastan’s team, and after attacking two of Ibrahim’s companions, Dawood Ibrahim established D-Company with his brother Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar.

Dawood Ibrahim is the founder of Mumbai’s Indian Organized Crime Syndicate D-Company. He is included in the list of international police in the list of criminal, criminal conspiracy and criminal organization. He is the third number in Forbes’ list of the most popular criminals of all time in the world of 2011, who was at number fourth in 2008. And from July 2015, Ibrahim has been convicted for spot-fixing in the Indian Premier League and for the Indians and the exploitation of India by immoral methods. After the Bombay bomb blasts in 1993, which was planned by Dawood Ibrahim and in which Dawood had helped financially, Dawood has become the most wanted criminal of the Indian Police since then.

According to the United States, Dawood has relationship with Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. And consequently, the United States described Dawood in 2003 as “a world-wide criminal,” and continued to pursue Daud. The Bush government also implemented several sanctions on Ibrahim and his organization.

Indian and Russian secretive organizations also got that Dawood was involved in many other crimes, including the 2008 Mumbai attack. In a US conference in 2010, it claimed that “D-Company is a diplomatic settlement”, which blongs to the Pakistani ISI. Although he has been hiding till now, according to the news, he is in Karachi of Pakistan, but the Pakistan government has always denied it.

Daud Ibrahim History :

Dawood Ibrahim believed that he could easily send money from one country to other country using the Hawalla method because he knew that many people could help him.

Dawood Ibrahim was a skilled planter, so he supported Ramana in the March 1993 bombing, and in 2003, India and the United States called Abraham a “worldwide criminal”. Ibrahim is currently at the top of India’s “Most Wanted List”.

On the other hand, the United States also found Ibrahim guilty and found guilty in the International Sensing program. The department and the Treasury have kept a list of all the crimes of Ibrahim, including his South Asia smuggling. It has also been said in this sheet that there is a support of Al-Qaeda and other criminal organizations in Dawood’s D-Company. And it has been also revealed that “Dawood” had a contact with Osama bin Laden who just died (2 May 2011).

It is also revealed that ‘Dawood’ is in full contact with the world’s terrorist organizations. And in 2002, in terrorist attack by Lakhar-i-Tiba, in Gujarat, Dawood he was included because he often used to help such organizations. But the Indian Police arrested 38 most wanted criminals from Delhi who had contact with Dawood and arrested him for the purpose of ending the fear of Dawood from the world. And on November 21, 2006, the Mumbai Crime Branch took 10 members belonging to the gang of Dawood, and United Arab handed over several of their criminals to the Indian Crime Branch, Mumbai.


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