Brahman and three Crooks | Moral Story in English

Brahman and three Crooks | Moral Story in English

Today I am going to tell you another story. And name of today’s story is: Brahman and three crooks.

Long ago, there was a Brahman named Devendra in Kashipur Village. He used to nurture his family via worshiping Gods in the homes of the village men. Once Devendra Brahman was invited by a rich person from a different village to worship in his house. Devendra performed the rituals in his house and rich person gave him in return a healthy goat as Dakshina.

     Rich person said – “Here Maharaj, please accept this as a small gift.”

Rich person hands over the goat to the Brahman. Brahaman blesses the Seth and feels happy on reeiving a Goat. Devendra lifts the Goat and walks back towards his Village. Devendra had to go through a forest on the path to his village. Three crooks used to live in that Jungle. The three crooks used to befoul any passerby and steal their belongings. When the three crooks saw Devender with a thick, fresh goat, they couldn’t control their happiness.

     The first crook speaks as he sees the Goat – “What is this chubby goat doing with the Brahman? !”

     The second crook replies instantaneously – “You are right my friend ! This Brahman will ruin worth of this goat by only drinking her milk.”

     The third crook speaks with glowing eyes – “If we take this goat from the Brahman then we will eat its delicious meat. It has already been a long time since we had tasty meat.”

The tree crooks then planned to cheat the goat from the Brahman. The first crook starts moving on the way from where Devendra was coming. As soon as Devendra notices him, the crook moves fast towards him says – “Hey Ram ! Hey Ram ! Brahman Dev, where are you going loding this dog on your back? Have you completely abandoned your religion? It is mentioned in Shastra that Brahmans never even touch Animals and you are loading this dog on your back?”

       Annoyed, Brahman replies – “Are you out of your mind? ! Your are calling this goat a dog? Either you are blind or you are totally crazy. Get treated from a doctor. Dont’t waste my time.”

first crook said – “Forgive my Brahman Dev I am speaking only what I am seeing. Rest Whatever you think.”

Saying such a thing, the first crook walks away. Devendra had walked on jsut a little when the second crook comes and says to the Brahman – “Brahman Dev, what on Earth is you doing?  ! This work is not adorning to you.”

Brahman asks the second crook in surprise – “Why? What happedned?”

Second crook – “Being a Brahman you are carrying this dead calf on your shoulder. Allow me to do this work for you.”

     Devendra Brahman screams frustratingly – “Do your work and don’t waste my time”

Saying this, the second crook also walks away. Devendra also walks forward. He being to think that why people are calling his goat a dog, or a dead calf?! The Brahman had covered only some distance when the third crook also shows up and says to him in strartling manner – “Brahman Devta! You have crossed you litmits by carrying this baby horse. If anybody else from the society notices you doing this thing then i have no idea how will they react? They will stop repecting you.”

    Brahman said – “What are you taling about?”

This time, the force and anger was missing from Brahman’s voice. The crook says cheerfully -“Ha! Ha! Ha! What has happened to you  Brahaman? You are calling this baby horse a goat.”

The Brahman gets perplexed listening to the third crook. He started thinking that each of the men he met called the goat a dog, a dead calf, and a baby horse. “Its better that I throw this goat and run away.” Isn’t this a ghost that is changing its form again and again?! Thinking about the same, the Brahman three the goat and ran away without wasting a second.

As soon as the Brahman disappeared, the three crooks came out of the shed and felt very happy on nabbing the goat.

From this story, we learn a lesson that a person must never blindly trust the others.

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