Create a Free Mini-Business and Get Out of Debt

Create a Free Mini-Business and Get Out of Debt

For many of us, it is really important to start making money as FAST as possible and with minimal expenses – preferably for free.

The Rhodes Brothers (authors of the SimpleCashBlog website – being totally rebuilt and reorganized after a server crash and serious backup trouble) have just published their free “Zero Debt Mini-Business Manual”.

It contains a 6-step guide to creating a mini-business using only free tools – fast and regardless of your skill-level. Here are the steps:

* Pick a topic and do free keyword research
* Create a free blog in 5 minutes
* Write your first blog posts
* Get free traffic to your blog
* Generate income through a free Google Adsense account
* Continue to add blog posts and traffic
* All of this, of course, is elaborated in the guide.

Better still: I am in the process of completing a free step-by-step and click-by-click video training to accompany this guide, that will be available at the Personal Business Makeover School.

If you want to start making money online, or if you need to generate cash to pay for your Network Marketing or other main business’ expenses while you are building a downline, this is a good starting point, having the potential to generate from a few dollars per month to a few hundred, to a thousand or more (over time).

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