Cure Your Blackheads with These Simple Blackhead-fighting Tips

Cure Blackheads

Cure Your Blackheads with These Simple Blackhead-fighting Tips

Blackheads can become very annoying to some people, especially young teenagers; finding a cure for blackheads becomes an all-consuming quest for those who suffer from them. When you are a teenager, blackheads usually develop because of too much excess oil during puberty. Adults can also experience acne as well. Women, especially, during their menstrual cycle and menopause will have outbreaks, due to hormonal changes. When this happens, excessive oil will clog the pores and zits will form. To cure blackheads, you will need to follow a strict skin care regimen.

Simply put, blackheads are tiny, little yellow or black dots that live deep into the pores of your skin. Pimples are usually formed when whiteheads get infected and when outbreaks occur, they are called acne. Acne can show up on your face, forehead, nose, cheeks, shoulders, chest and back. Acne lesions are called pimples, blackheads, blemishes, or zits.

Some causes of blackheads are hereditary, hormonal, stress, and certain medications. A person, especially a teenager, can become depressed, lose their self-esteem, and possible be suicidal. Other causes that can bring out blackhead outbreaks is not washing your face thoroughly enough twice a day. If skin is not washed properly, dead skins cells will grow together within the pores of your skin. Daily, regular cleansing is recommended for everyone, as you cannot see these tiny whiteheads with your eyes. Dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells can get into your skin if not washed properly and then whiteheads can get harden which can become extremely hard to pull out. This is a good reason why you should wash you face completely twice a day.

If you want to remove the blackhead yourself, gently remove it with sterile materials. Steam helps to remove whiteheads. Put a towel over your head, which will trap all the steam to your face and will not leak out. Lean over the hot, steamy water for several minutes or more and this will help loosen the zit for easier removal. Make sure to turn off the stove and not to burn yourself.

Another way is to use extractors to remove zits. These are available at any drug store. It is recommended to use this product instead of using your fingers. You don’t want to get the zit to get aggravated, inflamed, or infected as this can worsen the problem even more and possibly leave scarring. A visit to the dermatologist is the best solution, as he or she will direct you to the correct treatment for the problem at hand.

Lastly, over-the-counter products can be productive but it takes time. It is not an over night solution. There are many ointments, gels, and creams that you can choose from to treat your blackheads. The over-the-counter products are usually applied topically to the zit but if it gets worse, it is best to see a dermatologist.

The best solution is to address the problem before it exits. Follow a simple face washing, at least twice a day, which will allow your skin to breathe, and less zits will appear. It takes patience and time for your blackheads to heal but if done right your face will look cleaner and you will feel great about yourself.

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