Decoration of the garden – scissors for the hedgerows of a house, plot, garden …

Decoration of the garden – scissors for the hedgerows of a house, plot, garden …

Their place on the strip of land makes their owners very happy. Of course, the advantage of this fact for the lucky owners of the garden of their dreams is undeniable. Nevertheless, the indisputable fact that it is necessary to take care of your garden, to carry out its maintenance, cleaning, improvement, etc. Beautiful about the formation of the garden requires not only intensive physical work, but also investment of means, and not small in purchases necessary equipment and equipment necessary for working in the garden.

One such tool is also various types of saws, and loppers for cutting hedges. These are the tools that are needed if you have a large number of shrubs that require frequent cutting and shaping. Carrying out the design of the garden , you plan to purchase a secateur trimmer, you should carefully analyze not only the parameters of the device, but also the way it is acquired.

Recently, the method of buying on the Internet has become very popular. Undoubtedly, buying on the Internet can save money, because prices in Australia because of the low cost of storage, are much lower than in regular stores. However, one should also bear in mind the fact that the buyer does not see the device on the Internet, and you can not in this case rely on professional help and advice in choosing the most suitable equipment. Carrying out the decoration of the garden, when you buy pruners and saws, it is better to go to a real store with such specialized equipment. In where the shelves on the walls are with the goods, and the seller will certainly give the best advice when choosing. Maybe the client will pay a little more than buying online or at the grocery store, but it’s worth it. Knowledgeable sellers will certainly tell about the product, it will show what is included in it, and, most importantly, the customer will work in the presence of the seller with chain saws or electric scissors. Not only is the customer given access to the service, spare parts, accessories, and the seller, even in the case of emergency equipment, will always help.

Purchase of garden scissors or chainsaw

As a criterion for selection, it is necessary to take into account not only its price, but also the type of work – for what it will be used and how often.

The most simple hand scissors, which can cut small branches of trees and shrubs, cost from tens to several tens of dollars. Scissors can be useful for people who do not use them for industrial purposes, but only for internal use. They differ in the length of the guide vanes and in force. Smaller pruners length about 15 – 20 cm, including the handle, and are used to cut very thin twigs. Large scissors have long handles, which allows the use of blades with a relatively small force.

Carrying out the design of the garden , there is another device for cutting bushes – electric shears for the fence. They are easy to use, very light (weight about 3 kg), quiet and compact. They are powered by electricity – 220. When choosing such scissors take into account the engine power, what it will be higher, so this will give better results when cutting. In shops there are secateurs with engine power from 400 to 700 W. An important parameter when buying electric scissors when pruning is the length of the blade. Because this depends on the thickness of the branches, which need to be cut with scissors. Secateurs are available with a blade length of 45 to 70 cm.

Like scissors, diesel scissors are also used. They have a system in which when you release the brake lever of the gas blades with a very low level of vibration. Scissors with centrifugal clutch, gearbox is a guarantee of durability and reliability. Weight is similar to scissors, 4 – 6 kg. Working volume of the engine usually from 20 to 25 cm3 and power from 0,5 to 1,5 horsepowers gives excellent results at work of the given device. An additional advantage is the double-sided margins, the long blade and the rotation of the rear handle.
The last device used for cutting shrubs is a trimmer. The parameters of this device are similar to those of scissors. The engine power is slightly higher and is from 1.1 to 1.8. The working volume of the engine is more than 22 cm3. The fuel reserve is about 600 ml, and the actual cutting length: 550 – 670 mm. Carrying out the design of the garden , saws with electric chains, the most professional equipment for cutting hedges. Although their price is high, if you have a large number of shrubs that require cutting, you must invest in the purchase of this device, which not only saves us time, but also reduces their efforts to work with the saw.

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