Discover Running—With Key Tips for Beginning Runners

Discover Running—With Key Tips for Beginning Runners

From jogging around the block to running 10k races, beginning runners need good information to get started. In fact, when you’re beginning a running program, the journey of a thousand miles literally starts with a single step. And that’s the idea behind this Web site offering tips for the new runner—to welcome those folks who’ve ever thought about lacing up a pair of running shoes and heading outside or hopping on a treadmill. You’ll find loads of useful information here to get you started on an exciting path, all with the beginning runner in mind.

Running—or jogging, whichever you prefer—is one of the best ways to keep the pounds off, your energy up, and your mind clear. It can instill you with a sense of confidence and a new way of looking at life. But, like starting anything new, running can seem kind of scary at first. Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be! With lots of tips for beginning runners in all different aspects of running, you’ll have a friendly guide to get you started on your journey, whether your ultimate goal is to be able to run around the park with your pooch or compete in your town’s 5k.

I’ve been running seriously for 10 plus years, but even now I still struggle to sometimes find the motivation to make it out the door. At the same time, I realize the amazing benefits that running can bring, and I’d like to help bring that to you and help fire your motivation to get moving.

As for my qualifications, I’m a certified health/fitness instructor with the American College of Sports Medicine and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. I began running while I was out of shape in my late 20s, and I could cover just a couple of miles. But I worked my way up to marathons and several Ironman triathlons. (I didn’t break any records, but I finished!) I’m also a former senior editor with Men’s Fitness magazine and now work as a full-time health and fitness freelance writer with a passion for bringing cutting-edge info to readers.

So go ahead and explore the site. You’ll find great tips for beginning runners—like a terrific beginner running program and info on running’s health benefits. More articles will be coming, so check back—in the meantime, lace those shoes up and get ready to head out on your journey!

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