Easily Block YouTube Videos using Ad Block Plus

Easily Block YouTube Videos using Ad Block Plus

You might have gone through the Ad Block Plus Firefox Addon which helps you in blocking ads on any web page that you visit. To know further more about Ad Block Plus visit Ad Block Plus must have Firefox Addon.

Block YouTube Video using Ad Block Plus on Firefox

Now then you don’t need any other WordPress Plugin or any other software specialized for the purpose of blocking ads on Firefox. Your search for blocking videos ends here. Ad Block Plus is a nice plugin and it can be indirectly used to block ads on YouTube. However anyone can bypass this easily but this method can server as an alternative to block ads. This technique works on only Mozilla Firefox.

Here is the procedure on how you do it-

-Open YouTube.com and open any video.
-First make sure that you have Ad Block Plus Firefox Add-on installed on your Firefox.
-On the video which has been played, on the top right you would find Block, click on it.
-You would be taken to Ad Block Plus Filter and asked to provide custom blocking. Provide the link and click on Add Filter.
-This blocks YouTube video player hence you can’t stream or play further more videos.

However you can again view YouTube video and any other advanced users can unblock that. You can also click on Disable on ABP on YouTube and continue playback.

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