Fingerprint Pattern Opens Many Secrets related to our Personality

Fingerprint Pattern Opens Many Secrets related to our Personality :

At present our fingerprint has become our identity. Fingerprint is used for Aadhar card to the lock of mobile because the fingerprint is something that separates every person to the other person. Do you know that our fingerprint opens many secrets related to our personality. Just like the lines of hands and feet open the secrets of our health and personality. It is believed that the information related to personality related to fingerprint was started in India centuries ago.


There is also a scientific study to know about personality from fingerprint, which is called ‘Dermatoglyphics’. So what’s the matter to be late? Let’s know that according to ‘Dermatoglyphics’ what your fingerprint says about you?

The concentric pattern via :

The circle created between the fingerprint shows Strong Personality. Those who are found in their thumbs, they are very persistent and work hard to achieve their goals.

Imploding whorl pattern via :

People with such fingerprints are often surrounded by people because they have interests in many things. These people are also specializing in multitasking.

The peacock eye via :

People with such fingerprints are talented. Their life style is very different than the others and they create a career in creative field.

Press whorl pattern via :

People with such fingerprint are a little more intelligent than average. They have independent and dominating personality. Those who have such pattern in both thumbs, they like to control others.

Radial loop pattern via :

This kind of fingerprint is common. Such people are average intelligent and know how to stay calm even in anger. They make a good parent and an employee.

Tented arch pattern via :

People with this kind of fingerprint have analytical brain. These people are quite practical and believe in traditional rules.

The Double Loop via :

This type of fingerprint is found in very few people’s thumbs. These people are false in nature. In some cases fingerprints of thieves and criminals are also similar.

Spiral whorl pattern via :

People with such fingerprints are uneasy. They have a lot of dreams in their eyes. At the same time they are also quite emotional.

Ulnar loop pattern via :

Those who have such fingerprint in their hands, they like to live in peace. These people behave very well with the people around them.

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