How to Change Fonts & Color in Firefox

How to Change Fonts & Color in Firefox

Firefox has changed the way with which we browse on Internet and its now the best browser. Firefox is great browser with its capability adding Firefox Addons and great way to organize bookmarks. There is lot more you can do with Firefox on your computer.

You can easily modify the fonts in Firefox if you don’t like the normal default font by Firefox. Moreover you can change the text of color, text of visited link, background and font size. There are more than 50 fonts available for you to choose from.

How to Change Font in Firefox

Here is the procedure which shows how to change font in Firefox

1. From Firefox Navigation bar, click on Tools and then select Options.

2. Now click on the Content Tabs and you are on to the page customization.

3. Select the necessary action and click on OK to take the settings into effect.

That is about changing fonts in Firefox and you can browse lot more of such tutorial and tips on my Online Tips Blog.

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