How to delete orkut account/profile permanently?

How to delete orkut account/profile permanently?

I know you are here to get helped on how to delete orkut account. Simple way is not to login to your account but if you have finally decided to delete your account for reasons including orkut notifications in your mailbox like scrap notification, birthday reminders etc., you can delete your account by following the procedure below.

To permanently delete your orkut account, the follow this tutorial

1. Login to your orkut account.
2. Click Settings on the left sidebar of your profile page.

3. In General tab click on click on delete my Orkut account.

4. This will take you to final confirmation. Click on delete my account.

5. It will further take you to Delete orkut account page. Check the box and providing your current password in the input field and then click on Remove orkut. This will make sure that your profile no longer exists with orkut now.

Note that it may take 48 hours to for a profile to be completely deleted from orkut. Also note that if you delete your orkut account, your google account associated with the same email would be still running.

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