How to Find Your GMail Friends on Twitter

How to Find Your GMail Friends on Twitter

It feels great on Twitter as I have joined a few days ago. Thanks to my mate Neal on referring to such a good social networking site. Yeah! I have seen Twitter name very frequently used in and around me but never cared of personally trying it. Now then I have joined Twitter I would like to invite my Gmail Friends on Twitter or would love to find GMail Friends who are present in Twitter. I did add 10 my friends my manually searching in Twitter of their profile but its time consuming.

So here is the procedure on how you do it.

1. Make sure that you are logged in with your
2. Now click on Find People at the top right corner.Find GMail Friends on Twitter
3. Now navigate to Find Friends tab found at second extreme right.
4. Click on GMail and provide your GMail user ID and password. If you want to view your Yahoo Friends on twitter then click on Yahoo and proceed. You can also find AOL, LinkedIn friends too.
5. Now you have the complete list of your GMail contacts who are on the Twitter and you can directly Follow all at once click or else you can go with manual selection.

I am surprisingly shocked to see that I haven’t added 150 of my friends who are present in GMail, whom I didn’t add on Twitter or didn’t Follow them. Its like I follow them or they follow us its becomes conversely the same since when you follow your friends they will keep a call on following you and 80% people will surely follow you.

This feature of Twitter can be useful as we have so many social network and social connect sites available that one might be available on the other and so its left to your connections with whom you are interested with.

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