How to Force Firefox to Remember Recently Closed Tabs

How to Force Firefox to Remember Recently Closed Tabs

You know that Firefox lets you open multiple tabs together in a single windows and as much as you add tabs in a single windows the Firefox consumes much resource of your operating system and results in slow performance. Sometime Firefox crashes due to overload and thus there is a limitation on how many tabs that you can open in a single windows of Firefox.

One of the beautiful feature of Firefox is that, if your Firefox is crashed then it will automatically restore all the tabs when you reopen Firefox but sad news to all there is a limit on the numbers of tabs that can be opened if your Firefox is crashed. If it exceed the limits then the Firefox will not open the recently crashed tabs.

Open Firefox in your web browser.
– In the URL field, type about:config and then press Enter.
– Its safe to click on “I’ll be careful. I promise” button.
– Now type browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo in the filter field and hit enter.
– Now you will find a requested key and it default value would be 10 which means that in case your Firefox is crashed and Firefox will open only ten tabs out of them and the rest will be lost.
– Double click on it to edit it and set your own value and then click on OK to take the settings into effect.

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