How to Insert Youtube Videos in Google Docs Presentation

How to Insert Youtube Videos in Google Docs Presentation

Google Products like YouTube and Google Docs have become the integral part of life and in particular I use Google Docs more than Microsoft Office.

Google Docs have added a new feature recently by which you can add upload & host videos in Google Docs. Until now we knew that YouTube is just for Video hosting but now Google Docs comes with the same and you can even share those videos privately to your friends and colleagues. As of now you can’t share your private videos in Google Presentations but you can add YouTube videos only.

Here is the procedure on how to add the YouTube Videos –

1 – Open a Google Docs Presentation and if you want to import any YouTube Video on to it, from Insert click on Video to start with the process.
2 – Now you would be taken to YouTube Video Search in Pop-up format and then find your video, click on it to select and then Add it.
3 – You would have your Video Embedded into your presentation. You can move the video from here to there and also maximize the size of Google Docs Presentation Slide. One more interesting thing is that you can add YouTube Videos even when you are not connected to the internet.

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