How to Protect Your Blog Content from Being Copied

How to Protect Your Blog Content from Being Copied

Content Plagiarism is the biggest problem that bloggers still do. There are many of preventing your content been copied by others. One of the easiest way which I have found is through by adding a simple WordPress plugin to your blog.

The plugin is known as “Blog Protector – Protect Your Content”, what it does is, protect your valuable content which you have written unique from being copied.

Blog Protector – Protect Your Content plugin does two of the basic things
Disable right-click on your blog
Disable selection of text on your blog

Once you have installed this on your blog you have options page where you can do this

Disable Right Click-
This options when checked and provided with warning message will be displayed when any users right clicks on your blog.

Deactivate Text Selection & Image Dragging-
This option will deactivate particular text selection and image dragging.

So these methods ensure that content is not copied from your blog including the images. This is quite easy and simple WordPress plugin.

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