How to Recycle Plastic Jugs & Bottles

How to Recycle Plastic Jugs & Bottles

The seasons are changing, the house is cluttered, dusty, and needs some tender loving care.

Are you mentally prepared for that intensive cleaning, knuckle scrubbing, thorough house clearance?

Like so many people- clutter and debris seem to accumulate as mush dust, as in a historic Wild Wild West salon. It just blows in from nowhere and you don’t even realize its happened until the messy pile is staring you in the face.

The beauty here is that almost 90% of your waste is probably recyclable materials. How wonderful is that? The home is organized and spotless while Mother Earth says thank you!

However, the sad thing is that majority of people are still unaware of the importance of recycling and the bad effect it has on our precious environment. In this article we’ll point out the categories of plastic, with general recycling ideas, and basic overall knowledge of the whole process. Hopefully, we will motivate you and teach you how to recycle plastic jugs and bottles.

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