How to Stop My Divorce And Save My Marriage

How To Stop My Divorce And Save My Marriage

Has your marriage disintegrated to the point that one or both of you are considering divorce? Have the problems become so huge that they seem to be insurmountable? Is your marriage worth saving, and do you want to avoid a divorce? As long as there is still a glimmer of hope, it’s not too late to stop your divorce and save your marriage. There are some specific things you can do to stop your divorce and save your marriage, but it’s up to you to take the first step.

The first step in stopping your divorce and saving your marriage is recognizing that your spouse’s feelings are legitimate. Make a serious attempt to listen to what your partner is telling you, and try to understand those feelings without judging and without comparing their feelings to yours. Sometimes just being open to listening to these feelings can help stop your divorce and save your marriage, especially if your partner feels you are genuinely trying to understand.

Secondly, if your spouse has made the announcement that they want out of the marriage, your reaction to that news is critical. It still may be possible to stop the divorce and save your marriage. Don’t explode, don’t yell, and don’t start with the name calling and the blaming. Rather, if you want to stop the divorce and try to save the marriage, don’t do anything rash. Try to take the news as calmly as you can, and avoid escalating the problem.

After listening to your spouse’s feelings, it’s time to be honest with yourself. This can be a painful thing to do, but it’s important if you want to truly save your marriage and stop the divorce. Ask yourself (and your spouse) what you can do to change; this is not about blaming yourself for the problems in the marriage. Instead, it’s about being open to changing your actions and reactions to make your spouse feel happier, more valued and more loved. Making these changes in your relationship can sometimes stop the divorce and save your marriage from a sad ending.

There are a number of professionals in the field of marriage therapy who specialize in working with couples want to stop the divorce and save their marriage. If you truly want to save your marriage and stop the divorce, make an appointment to talk to a certified marriage therapist. They can help you understand what has brought you both to this point in your relationship, and will help you find ways to save the marriage, and prevent a divorce.

If you decide to use a professional, make sure it is one that has a philosophy that marriages are worth saving, and divorce can be prevented. Many marriage counselors see divorce as a possible solution to your problems. But a growing number of counselors are committed to making marriages work, saving them and avoiding divorce.

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