Knowledge is The Golden Road to a Better Future

Knowledge is The Golden Road to a Better Future

There is a saying that knowledge is power and in the modern world, the definition of power can encompass everything from great employment opportunities to increased income to changing technology and changing the world. National studies have shown over the last decade that on average, the percentage of the population that have Bachelor’s Degrees or higher are more likely to:

-Find employment, with a rate of over ten percent higher than those without degrees
-Make money! The income gap between the well-educated and those that are not is a staggering ninety-eight percent on average
-Be more involved in world and life changing technology. Companies that are pioneering leaps and bounds in the technology world are looking for graduates with fresh ideas and astonishing skills in the newest systems to bolster their growth

Keep in mind, however, that increasing one’s knowledge does not always have to skip hand in hand with going back to university. Even those with degrees can upgrade their mastery of a particular area by acquiring new skills that lend an upper hand over the competition in the job market. Income and employment are great incentives and the perks that go along with new skills can be without parallel; remaining current and up-to-date in a fast paced world is one of the greatest challenges one can face.

Consider, also, that the benefits of upgrading one’s knowledge can simply be for the betterment of oneself! From time to time, it is perfectly acceptable to learn something new just because there is a thirst to know, to explore and to conquer a hitherto unknown talent. Many, many people find peace of mind and stress relief through hobbies such as:

-Gardening – being one with nature
-Art – a great way to show how one views the world.
-Cooking – delicious and satisfying
-Photography – a way to capture the world around us!

Indeed, such actions could make one an even more valuable commodity in the workplace, as psychologists assert that balancing work with enjoyable activities outside of one’s job provides for healthier, more productive employees. Stimulating the mind, no matter the method, retains and exercises one’s creativity and leads to new ideas.

The increase in knowledge and the questioning attitude of enterprising men and women has led us to the amazing 21st century and it will be that same attitude and desire for enlightenment that will continue to carry the world forward.

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