Making the Most of an Online History Degree

Making the Most of an Online History Degree

Online history programs provide potential students with opportunities to complete required course work in a convenient way. While online history programs allow students to complete work around their daily schedule, such programs also provide comparable levels of instructional support and learning results.

History Online
The history field caters to an unlimited number of interests, and online classes allow for students to utilize local and digital resources to supplement the work. Many online programs are affiliated with academic archives and databases that cater to history students. By accessing those archives, students can access thousands of primary source documents and other relevant materials.

What Can I Expect From a History Program?
Online history degrees are similar to history degrees from traditional settings. Classes and concentrations are defined by topic. Many history programs ask students to complete work in world, American, or European history at the freshman or sophomore level in order to build academic foundations. These lower level classes provide an overview of the presented subjects and some basic instruction on research, writing and content analysis.

Research methodology classes are also common in online history programs. These classes allow students to engage in research projects so that are able to format academic writing in accordance with Chicago Manual style standards. Research classes also help students refine their research and writing abilities. Students taking history research classes online will need to maintain regular contact with the instructor, since many of the skills require practice, patience, and guidance.

After moving on from foundational work, online history students can expect to take courses towards their chosen concentration. Students concentrating on Vietnam may find themselves studying the history of Asia and its many countries in order to supplement their studies. Students will also take classes outside of their concentrations in order to provide general background on other parts of the world, so a student interested in Vietnam might also have the opportunity to study Native American and British history.

Online Support
History programs require students to work closely with instructors and other mentors. Such relationships are important as history students often learn their craft through practice. An experienced mentor can aid in student growth.

When looking for an online history program, make sure than an advisor or other mentor will be provided to answer questions. Many schools will assign faculty members from their history departments to fill this need. Online history degrees are possible as long as the support is readily available.

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