Moral Story The elephant and the rabbit in English

Moral Story The elephant and the rabbit in English

There lived a herd of Elephants in a Jungle. The leader of the herd was called ‘Gajraj’. He was a humongous elephant with a big trunk and thick, strong teeth. He had bulky feet. The Jungle used to lit up every time with his roar. Gajraj loved his group a lot elephants in times of trouble. The same Jungle has sum of rabbits. A lot of rabbits used to live in that slum. The elephants used to go through the slum to drink water from the lake.

Rabbits used to come under their giant feet. While some rabbits used to die, many used to get injured. On seeing the rabbits die every day, the slum bustled. They will soon cease to exist. For their survival and protection, the rabbits called for a meeting. All the rabbits gathered in the meeting. The leader of the rabbits elaborated their sufferings and said – “Can anyone stop this?” One of the rabbits replied to their leader – “If you send me a messenger, Then i  can stop the tyranny of the elephants.” The rabbit reached Gajraj. The rabbit thought to himself – “How do i reach Gajraj?

It is possible for him to die under someone’s foot. Thinking about the same, the rabbit climbed on a rock. He called Gajrat out loud as he stood on the rock –“I have brought a message of moon to you.” 

On hearing the world moon, Gajraj’s attention piqued to the rabbit. Gajraj replied to the rabbit – “What message have you bring for me?” The rabbit said – “Moon has sent a message for you the the elephant of your herd crush rabbits every day with their feet. Moon is unhappy with you. You are warned otherwise, the moon will kill all of your elephant.” On hearing the rabbit, Gajraj got scared. Gajraj believed the rabbit as messenger of the moon and considered his message for real. Gajraj replied in a frightened manner – “This is a bad new. Take me to the moon I will apologize to him for my misdeeds.” The rabbit agreed to take Gajraj to the moon.

The rabbit said – “I can take you to the moon. But you have to come with me alone.” Gajraj agreed to rabbit’s condition. It was a full moon night. Rabbit took Gajraj to the shore of the lake. The rabbit said to Gajraj – “Here Gajraj meet moon.” Gajraj saw the reflection of the moon in the water and believed it to be him. Gajraj dipped his trunk in the lake to apologize to the moon. Waves emerged in the water due to which the reflection disappeared. Gajraj said – “Dear messenger, where has the moon gone?” The rabbit answered -“Moon is upset from you. You have umpired the water of the lake. You have committed sins by killing the rabbits, which is why moon doesn’t want to meet you.” Gajraj believed the rabbit. He said in a frightened manner – “Is there any way be which i can make the moon happy again?” The rabbit replied – “Yes, there is. You have to penance. Leave this Jungle tomorrow morning and go far away from this place. The moon will again be impressed.” Gajraj agreed to penance his mistakes. Next day, Gajraj left the Jungle with the herd.

“This way, rabbit be fooled Gajraj by use of intellect and saved all the rabbits from getting killed. We learn a lesson, that biggest of the big problems can be solved through the use of intellect.”


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