Reasons why using Dedicated server is the best for blogs

Reasons why using Dedicated server is the best for blogs

A dedicated server is set-aside selectively for the account and usage of a single customer. The customer has exclusive rights to the server’s bandwidth, memory and storage space, which means that traffic and usage from other customers does not affect the customer on the dedicated server.

By using a dedicated server for your blogs, you have very high security because you are not affected by the attacks against other websites. You own the hardware on a dedicated server, so you or those in your company that you designate can install applications as needed.

You will have the optimum performance for visitors of your blogs. If your blog features video or audio content and you are not using a dedicated server, you would more than likely see slow performance issues. A shared server is usually satisfactory for a new business or new blog; however, as the business or blogs grow, you will see significant improved performance by using a dedicated server. Your web pages will load faster with a dedicated server; therefore, customers will not get frustrated with your website speed.

Suppose you launched a blog or website and you have worked on it for two or three months. You begin noticing that you have high traffic with thousands of visitors each day. You also notice that your blog/website is getting slower day by day. You are using a shared server and the server response time is increasing and users have to wait too long for pages to load. You don’t want to lose your customers due to slow server performance. It is definitely time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

By having a dedicated server, you have full control of the server. If you need to change settings or root privileges, you can do so. You will have dedicated IP address, ports, filters and routing rules when using a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are especially useful for organizations and individuals who run high-traffic Web sites or application and who need the bandwidth and consistent performance of a dedicated server. Some experts recommend using a dedicated server as soon as your blog or website starts making money. With shared hosting, you could be sharing a server with dozens or hundreds of other sites. If one site owner crashes the server, your site would go down too. Your site could get hacked if a site owner that you are sharing a server with leaves some security holes open.

Using a dedicated server for your blog or website has numerous benefits! And you always need to have to choose the best web hosting for any requirement, not just rely on the pricing of the host.

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