Reporting Adsense About Unauthorized Ad Code on Your Site

Reporting Adsense About Unauthorized Ad Code on Your Site

The title seems to be bit long..uuh…Last time we did wrote about Reporting a site breaking Adsense Policies, but what if some has placed unknown ads codes on your blog, it might be anything on his mind. Does Google has the solution for this? Alright so this place is about reporting to Google Adsense Support in the case you find suspicious Ad codes on your blog.

Some hacker finds easy and place their Google Ads on your blog. If you find that any unauthorized ads codes placed on your site or blog then you report it Google Support.

First of all you changed the password for your cpanel and admin login. Then you should contact your web hosting provider or the webmaster to know about the ads. Possible that they can discover any third party iframe or HTML code installed in your site scripting which is hard to detect. So if that problem is solved by then its good and your problem ends. If they report you that check your admin settings then its better to check, scan for the code in your theme functions.

Finally if you don’t find any information on how the code came into your blog without your permissions then fill out the form below. Google support team will perform investigation using the information provided by you using the form.

Though reporting will not surely remove the ads on your blog and its sure that you should yourself remove the ads or scan for the suspicious code on blog. The only use of reporting here is that you are just notify Adsense about an attack on your blog so that you don’t get banned.
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