Search Youtube Video without leaving the current page

Search Youtube Video without leaving the current page

Youtube is the world’s largest Videos Sharing Sites and its you can do lot with Youtube like downloading Youtube Videos, Uploading Videos from Mobile.And there are lot more reasons to love Youtube.

You have more reasons to browse and watch video in Youtube in your favorite Google Chrome browser with YouSearch plugin exclusively for Chrome users. The problem with YouTube is that if you search for any video, it would be opening in the same page and hence the page in which video you are watching would be gone and if you ‘Go Back’ the video has to load again.

YouSearch 1.5 is a spree excellent Google Chrome plugin which allows you to search and watch YouTube videos without leaving the current page. Works with all release of Windows its a free plugin to anyone. Download now and have a trial with it.

Instructions to Install YouSearch

1. Download Yousearch 1.5 from the link above.
2. Open the file using Google Chrome browser.
3. Chrome will ask you to save a file, save it.
4. That’s it you are done.

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