Solution for Unable to Install Plugins in WordPress

Solution for Unable to Install Plugins in WordPress

WordPress is the best blogging platform that people rely. We love WordPress because we can easily add tweaks to our blog through WordPress plugins. Sometime an unfamiliar blogger may be caught in problem like unable to install the WordPress plugin that he likes. The error usually looks like this.

The problem reads like “Could not Create directory. /public_html”

So what could be the problem? Is it rectified by you? What could lead to such problem? The answers of my questions are explained below.

The problem is with the File Permissions of the particular file in your WordPress directory. So if are strucked in installing plugin in your WordPress directory then you rectify the mistake easily by yourself.


1. You need to go to root of your WordPress directory to public_html > wp-content > upgrade folder.

2. Delete and recreate the upgrade folder (its case-sensitive so be careful).

3. Change the file permissions to 777 or 776.

The above steps will make sure that you can easily upgrade or install plugins and you can easily install new plugins.

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