The Blind Vulture | Kids Story in English | Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids

The Blind Vulture | Kids Story in English | Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids

Many birds used to live in a big, banyan tree. One day, an old vulture came to take shed in that tree. The vulture was blind. All the birds agreed to give shed to the vulture out of respect. The vulture vowed to take care of their children in against of their gratitude. The vulture and the birds lived happily together for a long time. One day, a cat was passing by that banyan tree. The cat heard chirping of the birds. As soon as the cat climbed on the tree, the children of the birds got scared on seeing the cat.


Before the cat could nab the children, the vulture shouted out loud – “Who is it?” The cat shivered listening to vulture’s voice. The cat knew that if she has to eat the birds, she has to first befriend the vulture.


As soon as the vulture came in front of the cat, she said to him – “I have heard a lot about your intelligence and kindness from my friends. I have come to meet you.” The vulture felt happy on hearing good things about him. He asked the Cat – “Who are you?” The cat replied – “I am a cat.” The vulture got angry on hearing this. He said – “Go away from here right now. Else, I will kill you.” The cat had a trick. The cat said to the vulture – “Vulture uncle, I live with my family across the river. I don’t like meat. I don’t think an intelligent being like you will prefer killing and eating a cat like me.” On this statement of cat, the vulture replied – “How do i believe you? After all, you are a cat and it is in your habitat to kill and eat birds that are junior to you.” Cat said – “There is nothing like that.” The vulture believes the cat. He allows her to reside with him and other birds in the tree. The cat began to kill a bird on daily basis. Each time the vulture was asleep, she used to hunt a bird. Gradually the number of birds began to reduce due to which the parents of the birds were very suspicious.

They went in the Jungle to look for their missing kids. As soon as the cat realized she is about to get exposed, she ran away. When the senior birds failed to find their kids and returned to the tree, they found the vulture sleeping. There was a tree hole near the branch where vulture was sleeping. The birds found a lot of bones inside the hole. These were the same bones that the cat hid after eating the children the birds. On seeing the bones, the birds thought the vulture had killed all the birds and he hid the bones in the hole. The birds were infuriated on this act of vulture. They attacked the vulture together with their beaks. Since the vulture was asleep, he couldn’t do anything to defend himself and died at hands of the birds.

  From this story, we learn a lesson that we mus never trust a stranger blindly !

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