The Camel, Lion And The Jackal : Moral Stories : Short Stories : Animal Stories

The Camel, Lion And The Jackal : Moral Stories : Short Stories : Animal Stories

Once upon a time there lived a lion in the Jungle named Kroor Shingh. The lion was loyal to his companions but he resided amidst of tricksters who always used to provoke him. One day camel roamed in that forest and the lion said to the Jackal – “Go and get to know that creature. Is it a human or an animal? We haven’t seen such a creature before. It seems to be new.”

Hearing the Lion, the Jackal smiled. Jackal was one of the tricksters living around the Lion. Instead of giving the right advice to the Lion, the Jackal always gave wrong advice. Jackal said to the Lion – “My Lord it is not a human being but an animal. He is the ship of the desert. He is called a Camel. He seems to have lost his way. He about you hunt him down?”

Appalled to hear such words from Jackal the Lion became angry and said – “Have you gone mad? He is our guest. Why would he harm us? He might be seeking help. Find our why he has come.”

The Jackal feels bad for getting scolded from the Lion. He still follows Lion’s command and goes to that camel to ask the reason for coming there.

The camel says – “Greeting my friend, I am new to this Jungle. I lost my way and got separated from my friends.”

The Jackal stares him mischievously and smiles. He says to the Camel – “No problem my friend. I will take you to the King. He is very kind. He will definitely support you.”

This way, the Jackal brings the camel to the lion. The camel greets the lion and says to him – “I want to tell you that i will never give you a chance to complain and i will follow your very command. Please allow me to stay in this Jungle.”

After a few days, the lion got in a fight with elephants because of which he got severely wounded. Due to the injuries, he lion was unable to hunt and all of his servants and companions bagan to starve. One day, the lion called everyone and asked them – “Friends, I am unable to hunt due to the injury. You bring me the victim so that i can hunt it for you and then we can fill our stomach.”

All the animals in the forest begin searching but there was something else going in the mind of the Jackal. He succeeds in getting the consent of the animals in executing his plan. .

He goes to the Lion and says – “My Lord, we have scrounged the entire forest, we couldn’t find any animal to hunt. You can eat us and satisfy your hunger. ”

The camel hears everything and begins to think – “When all the animals areĀ  performing their duty, why shouln,t join them as well? The lion is very kind.”

Thinking about this, the camel joins the other animals. As soon as the lion sees the camel, he begins to think – “Well, he is my guest. If he comes to me, I will eat him.”

All the animals then begin to come one by one. But Jackal refuses them all. When the turn of the camel comes. The camel says to the lion – “All of you have undergone so much trouble because of me. Kill me so that I can serve you repay your debt.”

As soon as the camel says this, the Lion and Jackal attack, kill and eat him. In this way, the innocent camel falls in the trap of the Jackal.

We learn from this story that we must never trust anyone blindly and must use our intellect before acting upon someone else’s advice.

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