The Secret of Good Earning in Adsense

The Secret of Good Earning in Adsense

How is your adsense earning? Its $1 or $2 per day? Have you ever thought why many other techie & blogger earns thousands of dollars and why you are not much such amount? The answer is in questioning this to yourself. Yeah I am right. Okie don’t be carried away I have one thing to put forward to you about adsense earning which will increase your adsense revenue.

Get More Impressions
Your earning completely depends on how many users visits your blog. If you have 100 visitors your blog then you can’t 100 people to clicks on your ads. If you observe my earning stats per 1000 impressions generated I average a $1 earning.

Here it is an simple example
100 impressions – $0.10 earning through Adsense
1000 impressions – $1 earning through Adsense
2000 impressions – $2 earning through Adsense
5000 impressions – $5 earning through Adsense
10000 impressions – $10 earning through Adsense

Note: The above stats are for assumption and its near true to many people earning but may vary from niche to niche and from publishers to publishers.

So there is no secret in adsense. Get more impressions by SEO methods and see your adsense earning improving.

Better Ad Placement
One of the main reason I see many publishers don’t get a good CTR is their ads placement sucks. Ads should be placed at correct places and do follow Adsense rules while inserting adsense codes on your blog. Google Adsense allows publishers to place three ad blocks, 2 link unit ads and 1 Adsense for Search.

If you look at my blog you would see 3 ads block & 1 link unit ads of text ads on every single post that you browse and often very less ads blocks shown on homepage. Experiment on ads placements on your blog and choose the best possible placement.

Better Blog Design & Theme
A worst blog template or design may result in bad impressions on your blog. Having a good design will have a good impressions on your visitors. Work on the design theme and rectify your blog with any kind of errors.

By making sure of the above mentioned topic your adsense earning will increase drastically.

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