The Story Of The Weaver And God

The Story Of The Weaver And God

Once upon a time there lived a Weaver in a village. The Weaver used to make cloth and work hard day and night. Unfortunately, all of his equipment got broken one day. The Weaver was then in need of woods to make new tools. He went to the Jungle to fetch the woods. In the Jungle, he noticed a tree whose wood was good to make the equipment. As soon as he got ready to cut the woods, he listened to a voice.

Weaver – “Who is it? Who is calling me in this isolated Jungle ?”

He tried to figure from where the sound was coming but he couldn’t spot anyone. The Weaver shifted his focus back on work. As soon as he lifted the axe, he again heard a voice. The Weaver gazed to the place from where the voice was coming. He saw a man in a Godlike figure.

He requested for an introduction – “Who are you? What are you doing in this Jungle? Can you please tell me your name?”.

God – “I am the god of this tree. I rest here. I have been living here since a very long time and i will rest hare for many more years to come. Why do you want to cut this tree?”

Weaver – “Whichever God you are, I extend my greetings to you. I am an ordinary weaver who makes a living by fabricating cloth. The tools I used to work with everyday dot damaged. Without the tools, I can not work. I request that you go and reside in some other tree.”

God –“I respect your thoughts. They are very noble for your family. You can ask me for anything in return. I will fulfill your wish.”

Weaver – “I request you to give me a day’s time so that I can discuss with my family about it.”

God  – “Alright. I am giving you a day to think. You can discuss with anyone you want to. I will meet you tomorrow at the same time. You can then ask me to fulfill any wish of yours.”

The Weaver went back to his village and met his friend who was barber. The Weaver explained everything to him and asked – “Tell me mate, what should I do in such a situation?”

Barber – “In my opinion, You should ask for a state. You can be a King while I will be your minister. Both of us will rule the state.”

The Weaver told the barber that he will also ask his wife.

The barber revolted and said – “Mark my words, women are always selfish. They don’t care about anything but their own benefit. You mustn’t tell anything to your wife about this.”

The Weaver ignored his friend’s advice and decided to consult his wife. He went to his house and told everything to his wife.

Weaver said to his wife – “Now you tell me what should I ask from the deity?”

Wife said – “My advice for you is that you shouldn’t ask for a state because a King always has to endure pain. What is the benefit if you can not live happily? You do know about the sufferings of King Ram and King Nal, don’t you?”

Weaver said – “Okay. So, what should I ask from the God?”

His wife – “You can ask for two more arms so that you can fabricate more cloth. Due to your enhanced caliber, you will get more work and eventually you will earn more money.”

The next day, Weaver decided to ask what his wife told him. He visited the same tree.

Weaver – “My lord, I want to accomplish everything through hard work. I have been blessed with arms and legs to work. It is my request that you bestow me with two more arms and heads so that I can increase productivity and satisfy my family.”

The God smiled and said – “Think wisely ! You will get whatever you want but you mus properly make you decision.”

Weaver – “Yes my lord! You just fulfill what I have asked. I don’t need anything else.”

God said – “Bless You !”

The God disappeared after fulfilling weaver’s wish. The Weaver then became a man with four arms and two heads. When he reached his village everyone presumed him to be a monster and he got badly beaten up by people.

From this story , we learn a lesson that we mus make our decisions wisely.

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