The Top Benefit of a Web Design Degree

The Top Benefit of a Web Design Degree

Websites aren’t just for big businesses anymore. The internet, combined with social media, has become a powerful economic and political force. Many have turned their hobbies and interests into online money-making opportunities or non-profit organizations. Whatever their reasons for developing an online presence, people want to be able to present themselves publicly with style.

Most people don’t have time to learn the skills necessary to create an attractive website with the newest and most popular interactive features. That’s why those with degrees in web design are in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that demand, along with the earning power of those in the profession, is expected to continue to rise.

There are several types of degrees in web design. The BA focuses more on media arts, while the BS focuses more on information technology. However both types of degrees share some core courses. Basic courses include information about user interface, web page conceptualization and structure, and hypertext markup language. Students also learn how to use cascading style sheets and the many WYSIWYG editors available.

Technical subjects include file-size optimization, formatting requirements, animation techniques, web accessibility standards and scripting. For a Master of Science, acquired skills might include designing interactive instructional training materials, since so many people attend online universities. In fact, several accredited universities now offer web design degrees online. Web design technology is changing education itself, providing working students with the option of taking courses from home.

The skills acquired while earning a web design degree prepare designers to know exactly what kind of coding is required to customize websites to each customer’s specifications. Depending on the customer’s goals for the website, that can include a vast array of features and functions, including video, animation, live chat, email capability, payment options, and security features. Users also need to be able to update content frequently and with ease.

Graduates with the ability to design and develop mobile apps as well as websites capable of accommodating rapid growth are highly employable. However, after gaining some experience and building a reputation, many opt to go into business for themselves. A major benefit of a web design degree is the number of life options that possessing these skills provides.


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