Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From A Blog | Earn Online Money From Blogging | Step By Step Full Guide

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From A Blog | Earn Online Money From Blogging | Step By Step Full Guide :

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From A Blog | Earn Online Money From Blogging | Step By Step Full Guide

Nowadays, youth are choosing their Primary Career in Blogging. It means that blogging is the good earning source. Some bloggers say “I’ve just started blogging to help people”. There are many ways to earn online by blogging. But new bloggers do not know about all the methods. In this post, I will talk to you about the “top 10 way of making money from blogging”. Reliance Jio has brought an Internet revolution in India. There was a time when Data Pack Recharge were so costly. But now it is not so. Everyone in the Modern Era is seeking Earn From home. There are many ways to earn money online, but blogging is the best way. If you work hard in blogging then you will get Monthly Income. In the early days of blogging, I did not even know about Google Adsense Income. In this article i am going  to tell you “Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From A Blog “.

Top 10 Ways To Earn Money From A Blog :

Everyone want to earn money! But nobody wants to hard work for it. To earn from Blogging, Smart Work has to be done with Hard Work. Patience is also very important for making money from blogging. Be patient, the fruit of patience is sweet.

1. Direct Advertisements :

No Doubt, Adsense is the best way to earn money online. Blog’s Traffic should be good for Direct Advertisement. Local Ad can easily be found in the city you belong to. There is a need for some marketing Skills for this. Check out your Keyword to Top Rank on your blog. Talk to Same Business owner.

2. Affiliate Marketing :

In the world of Internet, if a person recommends to buy any product online, then the company gives that bondage in the form of some Amount Commission. This commission is a percentage of the sale made by a person. Or there may be some Fix Amount too. This type of marketing is called Affiliate Marketing.

3. Referral Income :

Referral Income is similar to Affiliate Income, but the only difference is that Affiliate pays for Per Sale, while Pay for Referral Per Join. Join means signup. This is a very simple way to earn money from Blog.

5. Infolinks :

All of you guys know about Infolinks. Infolinks also means CPC Network which means pay per click money. Infolinks is not suitable for Hindi bloggers. This is suitable for English Blogger. This is the best alternative of adsense.

6. Create and Sell eBook :

If you are reading this post, I think you are a blogger or want to be a blogger. Blogger means the hobby of writing. There is a hobby of writing, so this method is also very good. Just as you write about a tutorial in a blog, you can sell it by publishing as eBook. You can sell it for lifetime. Always select the demanded topic to publish the eBook, which is very interesting.

7. Start Services :

You Can start services related to the topic that you use to write. You can start Paid Services for web design, Post writing, SEO, Logo creation, Blog creation. This is the best way. Look at the market rate, decide the rate of your services. Provide good service.

8. Add Donation Button Crowdfunding :

If you do not want to advertise on the blog then you can add Donation button for Crowdfunding. If you have good content on your blog, then people will donate.

9. Amazon Affiliate :

If your blog is on Product Review or Product Comparison then Amazon Affiliate is a very good option. Amazon Affiliate gives 10 to 20% of the commission.

10. Create Physical Product :

This option is also for popular Blog. A popular blogger can make good money by creating some physical product by selling them. Physical Product can be many products. Product of some punch lines can also be included in this list.

So my dear friends! If you want to include something in this post, please comment.

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