Truth About Paid Adsense Account in India

Truth About Paid Adsense Account in India

Most of you know and everyone wonders how to make money with Google Adsense. For many its dream and for few its has become reality. Every one has one dream but just few of them work seriously to achieve them. Google Adsense is the revenue for many publishers all over the world and this trends is following quickly in India. But its taking a reverse effect in India with publishers not following the guidelines and violating the rules.

First to start is Adsense Account is free but many services have started offering Paid Adsense Account for Rs 100 or Rs 600 and even cheaper. I just want to say Adsense Account is freely created and there is no reason you should approach those providers for getting an Adsense Account.

What is Paid Adsense Account in India?

If you Search in Google with the keyword “Adsense” or “Google Adsense” under the sponsored listings you will see many sponsored listing in Search offering you Paid Adsense Account claiming that you can get Adsense Account for Rs 100 or Rs 500 or Rs 600 or 2 Adsense Account at Rs 600 and so and so discount.

Looks like having an Adsense Account is not a dream any more since you get an Adsense Account only for Rs 100 within 24 hours and those are ready for you. So any one who is not aware of that will surely contact them will go with it. Let me tell you that those are frauds Adsense Account makers and they create fakes account with fake Address and give it to you. They are getting paid for the services that done and you get your adsense account but the real troubles starts now.

Truth About Paid Adsense Account in India

Let me tell you that those Paid Adsense Accounts are only purchased by new members are fresh to make any money online and certainly for a fresher its difficult to get started and make quick money. It will take atleast six months to reach the minimum payout of $100. And once you reach the payout since your account may be on the some other Payee Name and address the check will be sent to him. Remember that you can’t change Payee Name in Google Adsense, it remains Permanent. That is the First Truth Behind Paid Adsense Account.

The Second Truth is that Google Adsense Fraud Clicks and Earning Reporting Softwares & programs are so genius that they will easily identify the fraud clicks and fraud Paid Adsense Account. It will take not too long to delete your Adsense Account and ban your IP or computer. They might even ban your Address and Name so that in future you can’t deal with Adsense.

Lastly, those services and those buyers are making Indian Adsense users among the Cheating nations in the world concerned from Online Thefts and Frauds. If these practices continues too long then Adsense will be banned in India. So my humble request to all the guys who read this is don’t encourage such kind of fraudulent activities as they gives you nothing just but the loss of time and hope.

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