What is Google Adsense Secured Express Delivery?

What is Google Adsense Secured Express Delivery?

As the name indicate Google Adsense delivers your monthly checks through Secured Delivery option so that to make sure you receive your payment safely and quickly on time. Secured Express Delivery are always better than normal delivery and reduces almost 50 percent time taken on the delivery of the checks to your doorsteps. The normal time mentioned by Google Adsense to deliver the check through secured express delivery is 5-10 business days.

As the latest update of Google there is no charge for Secured Express Delivery and please note that Secured Express Delivery Option is only available in the few Selected Countries.

How to Select Secured Express Delivery?

There is no need for selecting Secured Express Delivery because if your country qualify for secured express delivery then Google Adsense by default will select Secured Express Delivery Option. Although if you need to check it by yourself then you can follow this procedure.

1. Make sure that you are signed in to your Adsense Account.

2. Click on My Account.

3. Click edit link adjacent to the Payment Details above.

4. From there Select Check-Secured Express Delivery radio button.

5. Click Continue

6. Make sure you have select your desired local currency in the next tab when asked.

7. Save Settings will save your settings that you have applied. Cancel will revert back to normal settings.

Please note the Secured Express Delivery is not available in the following Countries and so normal Courier Delivery applies here-


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