Youtube Redesigned

Youtube Redesigned

Google owned YouTube has rolled out new designs of it. Claimed to be the biggest updates in history of YouTube, this design was rolled out on April 1, 2010, the day when Gmail turned 6 years old.

Youtube has made significant changes to the YouTube design. The following are the major changes made during the redesign process.

Logo Re-modified: Notified or not by many, YouTube logo has been re-modified.

New Playlist Interface: In new design you would see a new play list design and an AutoPlay ON/OFF switch to automatically go to the next video.

Youtube Search: You can now add videos to your queue when you search from the video page.

Comments: The comments has been integrated very well, it now lists both text and video responses.

Description and Stats: You can now add more specified information about the videos you are watching underneath the video under “Description” snippet.

Will update you on YouTube Redesign in the upcoming posts. Thanks for reading and visit YouTube and check out the news design.
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